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Home Watch Service

At Ocean Avenue Home Watch Services we take great pride in watching after your Florida home while you are away. Whether you are a seasonal Treasure Coast homeowner, or just enjoy extended time away from home, we can customize a Home Watch Program to give you peace of mind while you are gone by offering scheduled Home Watch Visits.

Home Watch Visits include a visual inspection of your home and property looking for obvious issues. We provide a digital report that includes images after each visit, and we will communicate any issues observed to you immediately. We believe in upholding the highest quality of industry standards, that is why we are an Accredited Member of the National Home Watch Association (NHWA).

Ocean Avenue Home Watch Vero Beach. Florida home.

What Does a Home Watch Visit Include?

A Home Watch Visit by our accredited home watch professional includes a visual inspection of the following items looking for obvious issues:

Home Watch Visit Checklist

Exterior of Home:

Interior of Home:

Check and record temperature/humidity readings to confirm proper operation

Home Watch Visit Report

We create your Home Watch Report using software provided by Homewatch IT. We create a customized report for each client that includes the items listed above as well as any items that we monitor at our client's request.

You will receive a digital report that shows that each item has been checked. We include images and communicate with you if there are any issues at your property that need immediate attention.

The digital Home Watch Report that you will receive after each Home Watch Visit captures the GPS coordinates of your residence as well as the time and date of the visit. These reports can serve as documented proof to your insurer that your home is being regularly visited while you are away.


All of our clients receive a Home Watch Report via email. All images in the report are easy to enlarge for better viewing. Below is a PDF sample of a digital report.

Download a PDF Sample
of a Home Watch Visit Report

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Other Services

We offer a variety of services to our home watch clients

Key Holder Service

We offer key holder services whereby we securely maintain a copy of our client’s key, security codes, etc. We can be available to meet and give access to client-approved vendors, contractors, delivery companies, and guests. We can also offer wait service to be present while services are being performed and secure the home upon completion if requested.

Arrival/Departure Home Prep Services

We offer arrival services to help make your arrival back home as pleasant and easy as possible. Services include, but are not limited to, setting the proper temperature in the home, turning on lights, opening window treatments, replacing air conditioning filters, removing storm shutters, turning on hot water heaters, resetting appliance clocks, moving outdoor furniture back outside, and special requests as required.

Custom Concierge Services

Custom concierge services are available upon request, such as arranging special occasion amenities, grocery shopping, accepting packages on your behalf and placing them inside your home, mail forwarding, meeting guests or vendors, picking up or delivering items, watering house plants, and other custom services upon request.

Post-Storm Inspection & Reporting

We offer post-storm inspections and reporting which include a digital report with photographs of damages. This would be very beneficial for insurance claim reporting and documentation.

Preventive Maintenance Services

We offer preventive maintenance services such as a/c filter replacement, water filter replacement, light bulb replacement, door & window lubrication, and other services as requested.

Vehicle Preventive Maintenance

We can maintain garaged vehicles by starting/running regularly, checking/maintaining tire pressure, inspecting battery maintained with trickle charger, and inspecting docked boats for vandalism, theft, damages.

Security Alarm Contact/Response

We can be available as a local contact for our client’s security alarm monitoring company to call in the event of an activated alarm. We can even dispatch to the home if contacted to meet Emergency Services and inspect the property if requested.

Contractor Liaison

We can serve as a liaison between homeowners and contractors to assist with repairs and home improvement projects that may be done while our clients are out of town. We can be present to give access to authorized contractors performing work, to secure the home after contractors leave, and to update our clients on project progress.

Customized Services

Our desire is to assist our clients whenever and however we can to the best of our ability. Please let us know what your needs are, and we will do our utmost to accommodate your requests.